Premiere: A1 – Julian Perez – Crack a Joke, Have a Smoke [GIRADA05]

Julian Perez returns to his Girada Unlimited imprint for the label’s fifth release.

A master of emotive, functional dance music, the distinct sound of Spanish wizard Julian Perez is heard in an instant. The B side drifts down after hours avenue, a soothing synth glides over a soft 808 pattern in Mar De Fondo, whilst Tense Capo lifts the energy with a buoyant bassline.

Eerie pads shimmer underneath pensive patterns in the A1. Perez’s signature crisp hats glide over an elegant 4/4 beat, gently cushioning a dreamy melody.

Perez’s arrangement oozes class. Patiently building over nine minutes, tension rises and falls effortlessly. Sharp acid sounds creep in and out of the mix, casting energy away from the core of the track before being swallowed by a gorgeous layer of pads in the break.

The palate of sounds used to carry the track strikes a perfect balance of dance floor functionality with emotion. Gently easing elements in and out of the mix continually offers new direction to the track, making the nine minutes feel transient.

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