Premiere: B1 – Julian Perez and Franco Cinelli – Beyond 1214 [GIRADA06]

Spanish label Girada Unlimited has quickly become a ‘If you know, you know’ type of label since its inception in 2017. Last calendar year only saw two releases from Julian Perez’s label, but the Spaniard, along with Argentinian Franco Cinelli, have been hot on the vinyl presses, releasing their ‘3 Days’ EP.

The emergence of breaks into the world of minimal has been a welcome addition for most, but there’s been a lot of copycats as this genre has grown in popularity. Not for Perez though, who you may know for his 4×4 minimal productions but has long been a producer and advocate for broken beats.

This is perfectly showcased in ‘Beyond 1214’, the title being a possible reference to underground music’s fascination with 4×4. The track follows a far darker path than we’re used to from this label and Perez himself, with a haunting, spine-chilling bassline which fantastically compliments the choppy kick drums and electro-tinged snares. The track feels perfectly fine-tuned to those peak-time moments where the night feels as though it’s succumbing to beautiful anarchy.

A -side ‘Entre M Y 3’ offers a serving of what we’re more used to from the producer. The 1-2 drum combo has that bouncy Julian Perez sound whilst the snares fuse the danceability of both aspects together. It’d be interesting to see what Franco Cinelli’s influence on this EP was, whilst the drums are bouncing, the track has an incredibly eery, almost horror movie feel to it thanks to the driving yet tormenting bassline.

The EP is available to buy from Juno, Decks or any great record store of your choice.

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