Premiere: A1 – Julian Perez – Overdubbing Theory [GIRADA11]

Spanish DJ and producer Julian Perez return after a brief hiatus with his latest EP release under his record label Girada Unlimited. The Spanish label continued to grow and deliver, always standing for originality and diversity, providing sanctuary to other like-minded artists such as Amsterdam duo Caim, Argentina’s Franco Cinelli, and Dutch duo D&S.

A1 – ‘Overdubbing Theory’, the first track on the record, delivers a taste of Julian’s signature sound, a blend of bouncy kicks, snare drums, and puzzling synths that can be found in most of his sets and releases. Beginning with a glassy blare and spatial pads among the firm drum kicks, the storyline unfolds into an animated journey, making it a great material for a peak moment of a night-time set.

Dropping the BPM and moving on to the second part, A2 – ‘Mean Anomaly’, this dub-influenced track starts slowly, developing into playful kicks and snappy drums.

Perez is no stranger to experimenting with different vibes and sounds, exploring multiple genres and therefore evolving his sound into a wide variety of directions, thus reversing sides and moving on to the first B-side track ‘Kinetic Phatt’, we can hear a groovy house bassline, accompanied by definite vocals and shimmering pads.

Last but not least, the record’s final track, ‘A Different D’ on B2, changes the narrative again by going down a more electro-path with funky breakbeats and suggestive vocals.

So far the EP has all the makings of a triumph, offering a wide variety of styles and complexity.

GIRADA11 EP is currently available for pre-order from Yoyaku | | HHV Records

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