Premiere: A1 – Herck – Kate [RM004]

Twisted grooves from Romania’s finest.

Herck sculpts a psychedelic journey filled with addictive loops and short melodies.

Elements are left almost unfinished, sitting low and unassertive in the mix, allowing each component of the track to work as one, steadily revealing one another as the track evolves.

A simple bassline anchors the track, immersed in the depths with devastating effect. Mind bending bleeps surface between the notes, rising and falling in playful unison.

Dreamy piano notes trickle at the rear of the mix, garnishing the sublime arrangement before an extended vocal sample blossoms into the mix, as if crafted solely for the track. An array of short, snappy percussive hits adorn the vocal, oozing with elegance.

New sections continue to unravel over the ten minutes. Subtle reductions of hats guide the groove down varies avenues, reverting back to the bassline anchor.

A ten minute trip into the cosmic mind of Herck, over in a moment.

More on Roche Madame
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More on Herck
Facebook, Soundcloud

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