Premiere: A1 – Barem & Cabri – Fun007.1 [FUN007]

Fun Records return with their seventh release, a three track EP from label owners Barem and Cabri (Alexis Cabrera).

Keeping consistent with the sounds previously displayed on the label, this release is full of bounce and packs a serious punch when it comes to the percussive elements of the tracks, as well as having interesting textures drifting in and out of the mix. There is plenty of groove to be had on this one across all three untitled cuts, particularly in the premiere track ‘Fun007.1’ which we have the pleasure of presenting in full length.

The track is funky from the start, going straight in with a sequence of drum patterns that I can only describe as slick and cool. The bassline is in the mix from the get go and compliments the mood of the percussion, not too complicated or crazy, but a perfect fit that rolls through the track. Some extra bass hits are added to the track further down the line, possibly played in live by Cabrera who is partial to playing some live guitar in his productions from time to time. A slightly eerie synth shows its head throughout the track, coming in and out of the arrangement before leaving the drums and bass to strive on their own again. The snares on the tracks are probably some of the cleanest I have heard in a while, engineered perfectly and sounding really live and full of life. Another favourite element in the track has got to be the small breaks that see a cheeky bass riff break the silence of other elements dropping out for a couple of seconds.

All in all the guys have really nailed this one. The tracks that follow keep the same groove and funk flowing through the EP, all the while bringing a slightly different mood through various different basslines and synth work.

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