Premiere: A1 – Ali Demir – Vuslat [MCRBV001]

Icelandic producer Ali Demir steps up for the debut vinyl release of Micro Orbit Records’ new Voyager series.

The Milan-based imprint has established a slick and sensual aesthetic within the stripped-back realms of club music, presenting devoted artists like the founder Zenk and La Sabbia on excellent sounding 180g wax.

Zenk’s elegant work made its way into our Top 100 tracks of 2020 in MCRB004, as well as featuring at the start of the year in his recent output for the label’s sixth release.

Releases on the label have received frequent support from the likes of Raresh and Doubtingthomas, mixing the crew’s elegant sounds together with fellow audiophile strains of minimalist house and techno.

The first release for the new Voyager series marks a step in a more experimental direction, exploring the vast depth in the lockers of many talented producers surrounding the community. Frequent Trommel face Direkt also features on the record, alongside RWN and Venda for a four track VA.

Ali Demir opens up the record with a mind-plucking workout in the premiered ‘Vuslat’. Percussion is notably detailed, twisting and popping with micro elements layered on top of one another with meticulous precision. From the first beat, it becomes evident the amount of attention to every smallest detail and how it fits into the sound design of the music.

Cryptic textures bubble in the rear of the mix, creating these worlds within worlds of sound, whether it’s a creaking vocal sample, the crooked piano-like riff rocking back and forth or a subtle blip slotting between the rhythm, it’s the kind of track you can find new layers in after every listen.

This soundscape-like approach to producing naturally creates a deftly hypnotic charm. Elements wrap over one another, making it satisfyingly difficult to keep track of where the groove is up to and forgetting that the kick has even left the groove.

The magic moments that arise with this type of music are produced by this layered and patient approach, taking subtle details from the mix and slotting them back with an element of surprise. It’s the perfect after-hour soundtrack.

Sounds are all relatively simple and straight forward, working with a meandering sub bass and crisp hats and claps keeping the beat ticking over. You can almost hear the wizardry of the likes of Rhadoo and Praslea mixing this together with three tracks in the mix at once.

Romanian workhorse Direkt brings a sensual flair in his contribution ‘Slap’. A menacing bassline toys with flirtatious percussion and a seductive female vocal caressing the groove. RWN lifts the mood with a more joyous and dreamy affair, working twinkly keys over an uplifting bassline that is sure to bring many smiles to the dance floor.

Energies head back to the after-hour head space in Venda’s closing track, crafting a moreish, acoustic-driven beat that is lathered in a sea of intriguing and unwinding textures sure to massage the mind on the dance floor.

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