Premiere: A1 – Zenk – Thorazine [MCRB006]

Zenk - MCRB006 record art

Micro Orbit Records are back with their sixth release from label boss Zenk. Already at the helm of most of the back catalogue up to this point, Zenk has the sound of the Italian label down to a tee.

It’s a sound that we can certainly agree with here at Trommel HQ. His ‘Lunar Club’ (from MCRB004) effortlessly found its way into our Top 100 tracks of 2020. The latest EP continues in the momentum and we’ll be showcasing Thorazine on the A side of the wax.

It begins with a deep, hypnotic groove littered in a trickle of analogue and minimalistic chatter. Seductive vocal sets the tone which will continue to converse lightly, manipulated into mild incomprehension.

What unfolds is nine minutes of juicy goodness. Sharp pattering of percussion rattles, rapid body moving material that keeps a defined rhythm. As the myriad of mystical synth sounds pave way for subtle melodies, the sensual nature leading the march becomes apparent.

Zenk has the formula sorted and this is expertly delivered in ‘Thorazine’. Turn over onto the B side and you’ve got something equally as compelling.

Yaar Kü‘s ‘Unwatchme’ brings a similar element of freaky, fueled by a low slung groove and engulfed in mysterious anticipation. A blend of marching beat and instrumentally fused vocal, the musings of minimal techno deliver into the depths.

This is an expertly packaged EP with two long, winding journey makers. Buy the wax from or Juno, due for release on 14th January.

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