Free Download: TC80 – Funktronica [TFD070]

TC80 offers a snippet into his world of machine funk in the next instalment of our free download series.

The French-born, Barcelona-based artist has been evolving his craft for many years. Finding his place amongst the fringes of house, techno and electro, the TC80 sound has become synonymous with this movement around labels such as Cabaret Recordings, Undersound and of course his prolific Seqalog label.

Outside of regular EPs for various vinyl labels, his music is regularly uploaded to Bandcamp offering a window into the various shades of TC80 production.

The Sequalog project shared with fellow Frenchman Etienne has earned a tastemaking presence in the vinyl market, acting as a home for both their productions, as well as inviting artists like Two Phase U and O’FortyFour to shape a unique sound inspired by analogue machines and video game soundtracks.

TC80 has since been exploring his live set, presenting a range of influences, eras and moods through a close relationship with his machines which we heard in his live Trommel podcast.

‘Funktronica’ is the perfect introduction to the Frenchman’s world of machine-funk. A driving bassline takes charge of the track, weaving through slick percussion and a squelchy, eerie vibe that packs the track with character. You can picture a sweaty warehouse space deep in a trance getting down to this nimble, ninja-friendly sound.

The overall vibe of the track is relatively stripped back, allowing for agile synth lines to lure you in, each sound carries an infectious character that casts a unique and engaging atmosphere. Warm, luscious pads eventually float into the mix, adding a sense of fragility and feeling to the track which is the perfect antidote to the track’s ravey mood.

Towing the line between dark and light, TC80’s music leans into a playful and video game-inspired aesthetic whilst expressing darker shades of emotion perfect for the discerning dance floor. It’s evident the entire project is driven by passion, each sound packed with detail, whether it’s a free download, a dance floor EP or part of his full-length album, the authenticity shines bright.

You can catch TC80 either spinning records or presenting his live set frequently in Barcelona and further afield. He lands in London on the 24th of November for an intimate affair.

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