Premiere: A1 – O’FortyFour – Sly Wizzard [SEQG011]

O’FortyFour lands with his release, full of tracks for dancing with a very serious face, on TC80’s Sequalog label. 5 beauties from him this time, we picked one, as we usually do. Let’s go.

“Sly Wizzard” which starts the EP with the same name, is, like almost everything on this release, a signature performance by O’FortyFour (also known as Pahatam). If you’ve ever checked his set live, you could probably recognize, that there’s a tiny room for silly smiles and unnecessary laughs during that (still, they are everything but boring anyway). But, as it usually is with serious people – a tiny smile on his face could say more than you think. The same is the situation with this track. Kinda gloomy atmosphere, but when the chords kick – the crowd instantly says “wow”. One more updated touch of the late 90s/early 00s progressive legacy by Eugene.

“Exalted”, the next one on the EP, is continuing the mood with its own “wow” moment around the start of the second minute. We heard a few wobble noises in the first one – here we have just a fattened bassline which is perfect for a good sound system. “Topka”, the opener of the B-side – is my favorite one on the record, all that because of the segment around 2:30 point. Just test it on a packed dancefloor and you’ll understand, what I’m talking about. A bit more broken piece, that previous too, must note. Talking about broken territory – “Aurora 41” stays there completely. A nice companion for your UKG stuff. And the last one – “Green Abyss” – a downtempo outro of the record with the length of a full track. I’m not a big fan of those, but, maybe, it will sound nice sped up a bit, who knows?

The only way to know – is to grab the “Sly Wizzard” EP. Juno, Deejay, hhv, or wherever you’re buying your wax. You should already know the drill.

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