Premiere: B2 – TC80 – Play [SEQG004]

TC80 returns to his own Sequalog imprint to deliver Play: an album that is playful, trippy and unerringly dark all at once. The eight-track 2xLP is the fourth release on the French label which is co-headed by Etienne and remains true to the distinct, electro-tinged aesthetic of the Sequalog sound.

Play was built on the idea of “living life with a video game concept” and explores “a life cycle through the medium of computer technology” taking us from ‘Download’ on the A-side through the motions to the closing ‘Upload’ on the D2. To TC80’s credit, the concept album is a niche that is incredibly hard to pull off. Too often, producers’ attempts at concept appropriation fall victim to sounding superficial at best and overworked and repetitive at worst.
TC80, however, has mastered the art of telling a story through music. Just like his acclaimed 2017 concept album
FLOW– a tribute to 90s Japanese video games, Play successfully communicates a theme without a soulless filler track in sight. The album displays a greater stylistic breadth than TC80’s prior productions, drawing from a range of genres to immerse us in a hypnotising journey through the minimal soundscape.  

Today we have the honour of premiering the album’s title track: ‘Play’. Sitting smugly on the B2, the track is one of the more peak time tunes of the LP. It carries a sweaty heaviness that is made for a big system in a small room. A powerful kick that propels us into a frenzy of sharp hats, synths and glitchy bleeps which fit tightly between a deranged bassline. The groove is locked and loaded from the outset and energy levels remain high, a testament to TC80’s precise production which allows him to build and maintain momentum for the full 6 minutes. Using the simplicity of minimal techno house as a backdrop allows TC80’s tight and raw electro melodies to take centre stage. The outcome is an atmosphere that embodies the album’s concept perfectly: an escapist affair transporting us into the world of cyberspace.  

The album is available now, don’t hesitate to pick up your copy HERE

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