Premiere: A1 – TC80 – Lost Station [BAG001]

TC80 aka Tony Callea signs the first release of Australian collective B.A.G with a melancholic yet euphoric four tracker EP.

French producer TC80, now based in Barcelona, has been present on the scene for more than a decade as a DJ and a producer, but also as label manager of Sequalog. He founded it in 2017 along with French producer Etienne as a home of their own creativity and productions. But his new signature stands in his live performances he started two years ago, for which he’s been booked to the next Boiler Room Festival in Barcelona where he will present his new live set. Particularly productive in terms of music release in the past years, appearing on Cabaret Recordings or Shotgun Records, he now signs the first release of the Australian collective B.A.G with Lost Station EP.

The EP opens up with titular energetic track ‘Lost Station’, a dancefloor material with a strong envelope. The piece stands in between a house atmosphere in its groove, and a techno aesthetic for its haunted high-end vibe. As the bassline keeps us moving all along, the producer subtly plays with the intensity through a bouncy loop. The track is a good precursor to what’s to come, both on the EP and on the label.

B.A.G, standing for BeAvantGarde, is originally a duo from Brighton, made by Andrea Dev and Manfred Spagnoli, before they became a collective based in Sydney. Their mantra: be different, be revolutionary. They’ve started to launch warehouse party and quickly became major actors of the city’s underground scene. They’ve been bringing the finest of the minimal scene down to Australia inviting some of the best such as Takashi Himeoka, Quest, Charonne, Spacetravel, or Lamache to name a few. Lost Station EP now announce the launch of their new label Bag Records, distributed by Viniil.

The EP will be released next week. In the mean time, you can preorder your copy on Viniil.

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