Free Download: Red Pig Flower – Chicago Classic [TFD086 & AT002] (powered by AlphaTheta)

Having begun her journey into electronic music within the fertile scenes of Asia, specifically Japan and Korea, Red Pig Flower’s love for music soon blossomed into a lifelong love affair. This would soon take her around the world and across the music spectrum and her mixed heritage would enable her to straddle these two scenes and pave the way for her releasing on a wide variety of imprints. With her discography starting back as early as the early 2010’s her work has already appeared on esteemed imprints such as Serialism, Adam’s Bite, Get Physical, Vandalism, Work In Progress, Bedrock, and her own imprint Vast.

It is her own label that has been centric to Red’s success, as with her touring schedule blooming, she has been able capture the sounds and influences of each location that she has touched down in and allowed this to impact her creative process. In recent years she has also moved away (although not entirely) from her roots as a minimal artist to a more house focused sound.

It is this more house leaning direction where we find Red Pig Flower on our new Free Download edition and as the name of “Chicago Classic” suggests, house purists will not be disappointed. With a moody surface, the vocal snips, wiggly synth line and bumpy bassline could almost be part of a Gemini production. As comparisons go they don’t get much better than that. We are proud to welcome Red to our Free Download series as she embodies the artist’s journey as she has been down a lot of roads to arrive here.

You can now download the track free of charge via our Soundcloud.

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