Review: Arapu – Wasted Ego EP [UND007]

One of minimal’s most consistent and impressive producers has had a quiet 2017 by his own standards, but it’s been worth the wait with Arapu finally releasing his second EP of the year with ‘Wasted Ego‘ on Cezar’s co-owned label Understand.

On the A side we have ‘Virgo Ego’, a bass heavy track made for the dance floor when people’s legs are starting to turn to jelly. However, this is a track that picks you straight back, the claps start early and hit you hard, and as you might expect, Arapu’s arrangement of percussions is fitted to perfection. The claps come and go throughout the song, often accompanied by a distorted vocal in the background.

On the flip side is a B side worthy of being the A side. If Virgo Ego is a song to be heard when your legs are morphing into jelly, ‘Wasted’  is one to be heard when you’re thinking ‘okay I’ll go home, just after this banger, though’. The defining feature of the song is the trippy vocals which are repeated throughout, containing phrases like ‘Standing Guard’ and ‘I’m so wasted!’.

The vocals are actually sampled from the video game ‘World of Warcraft’. It’s outside of the box and arguably nobody else would have thought to pull this off. But in what has become typical Arapu fashion, he’s orchestrated a tune that instantly makes you take notice. Wavering electronic sounds and some light percussion arrangements lead this song to have a chilled, but ultimate grooving feel to it. Guaranteed dance floor filler.

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