La ASO welcome Arapu to Barcelona for an intimate winter session

La ASO and their summer collaboration with REVERSE proved to be extremely successful providing Barcelona with a season of top events. Culminating with Praslea, Cezar and Markovela in September the special bond between dancefloor and booth was evident from the many smiling faces. For the first of their winter program on Saturday, December 11th La ASO will be presenting an intimate journey that will combine a wide cross-section of creative minds all collaborating to provide a truly immersive artistic experience.

The artistic spectrum will be populated with visual artists, fashion designers, DJ’s and photographers all with the common goal to be provide Barcelona with a unique experience that is seldom found in Barcelona. Taking place at a state of the art indoor venue that will remain a tightly guarded secret until the day of the venue will look to set new standards in raving that will aim to go way beyond a vibing dancefloor.

Dancefloors don’t groove on their own and for this first event la aso welcome a true Romanian player Arapu. His sets and performances are consistently the talk of our community and he is easily one of the most consistently brilliant artists. More than capable of carrying this party on his own he will be joined by resident artist Moovin. His performances have earned him notable support by dancers and peers alike and we couldn’t think of anybody more suited to preparing the floor.

Away from the bouncing dancefloor and the DJ’s providing the music the bespoke venue will also a feature a full recordings studio, art gallery as well as state of the art sound system and lighting solution. The stage is set for a series of parties that will come as a result of a lot of previous hard work and event success that has also seen the likes of Dan Ghenacia, Archie Hamilton, Yoyaku, Maher Daniel, Praslea and Cezar so it is clear that the crew have a lot of exciting events up their sleeve for 2022.

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