Premiere: A1 – Those Three – Blind [THOSESERIES001]

The Italian trio of Those Three have been bubbling away with some excellent releases for a few years now and with tracks for Ukiyo, What Now Becomes and Pulsar Music it is time to deliver something else. For the first Ep on their new label Those Series Those Three turn in 2 impressively contrasting cuts as well as Arapu remixing the title track ‘Blind’

Opening the flood gates of title track and A1 ‘Blind’ the groove is infectious from the start and it doesn’t take long to take hold. A sublime vocal sneaks in and out of the mix trying not to be heard, but luckily for us these subtle sections are just audible. The additional percussive elements have been interestingly panned in order to give a unique sense of space which lends itself extremely well to the overall ethereal vibe of the track.

Arapu beefs up the original on B2 with much more pumping drums and some warped and chopped vocal samples. Where the original was happy to swim in the depths the Romanian’s version is much happier jumping out of the water towards the sunlight. Both versions however are excellent and warrant serious consideration for different parts of your night.

Back on side A ‘Euterpe’ is a different beast altogether. Melding twisted beats and equally twisted vocals there is little doubt that this won’t do similar things to those on the dancefloor. The extended breakdown only adds to the discord before the satisfying drop redelivers the tightly wound beats back to the fold. With over 10 years under their belt, Those Three and their collective experience mean that they will not be short of sparring partners, remixers support for their upcoming releases.

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