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After having the Amphia trio of Amorf deliver their otherworldly live show last month at Supermarket how else can under the tree possibly follow this up? Well, that is answered simply by inviting Pressure Traxx along for the evening on Saturday, February 22nd. There are few labels around right now are so consistent in the quality of their output and all from varying artists and in many different shades of minimalism. This is largely due to the label management and A&R prowess of co-founder Arno Aka Einzelkind.

Since their first release back in 2012 with the man himself and co-owner Frost, Pressure Traxx have always been way ahead of the curve and this is where under the tree meet the Offenbach imprint head-on. With their home club being the infamous Robert Johnson it is clear from just listening to a few of their releases where their direction comes from and it suits under the tree and Supermarket down to the ground.

It just wouldn’t be a Pressure Traxx party if Einzelkind wasn’t in attendance in the DJ booth and that’s exactly where you will find him. A true member of the German electronic fraternity he has worn more hats than any artist you care to mention. Arno also runs La Pena, Harlo and JAX as well as the current white-hot imprint. As well as delivering on-point remixes and originals for the likes of Aku, Cocoon and Celesta Recordings his joint EP alongside studio mate and fellow under the tree artist Giulinao Lomonte the pair also penned the 2019 summer smash ‘Civil Stretch’ on Curtea Veche which destroyed everywhere it was dropped.

Also, joining the party is Romanian nu-school hero Suciu and he has an ever-growing rap sheet when it comes to Pressure Traxx amongst some other top labels. First making his debut on the label with his 2 part ‘Reacțiiletale’ EP which was impressively the Bucharest native’s first-ever release. This soon set him on the path he is currently sprinting down and with most corners of the world currently enjoying the fruits of his labour Suciu is a no brainer to help destroy under the tree.

Lastly is the aforementioned studio partner of Arno and Giuliano Lomonte is currently one of the most in-demand artists on the circuit and there is absolutely no mystery why that is. Having been rising steadily for the past few years, Giuliano’s star went stratospheric in the last 18 months and with a slew of laser-guided EP’s in the bag on the likes of Harlo, Broquade Records and of course Pressure Traxx there is a likely chance if you have heard sets from any of minimal’s big guns recently you will have heard a release from Lomonte. If you have even attended a party in the last year or so you will have likely caught the man in action too as his touring schedule has been on the busiest in the game. So, when you head to under the tree on Saturday, February 22nd you will catch a trio of artists that are so on top of their game right now that it will be a sight to behold. As is always the case when you step foot into an under the tree party.

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