The Lion and Lamb pub launches crowdfunding campaign to fight closure

In a similar vein to that of many independent music venues in the UK the Lion and Lamb pub in London is facing severe difficulties in weathering the current COVID-19 situation. As a result of remaining closed during the recent period of lockdown and not being able to generate income, the much-loved venue is facing the very real possibility of closure.

To make matters worse as a result of a neighbour complaint which The Lion and Lamb are taking very serious a complete review of the venues’ licence has been ordered. This means that as well as the various requirements that must be adhered which ranges from leaking roofs to other venue maintenance The Lion and Lamb are required to beef up their sound proofing measures as well as employing the services of a lawyer all at a large expense to the venue that have no other means to fund it. The venue has been applying for all relevant funding of which none have been successful as yet. So, The Lion and Lamb have announced a call to action for you their loyal supporters to help fund this critical stage in their survival.

As well as ensuring The Lion and Lamb stays afloat you can also rest assured that the venue will return better than ever as the money will also go towards enhancing the already great name of the venue. Among the many enhancements is maintenance of the soundsystem and DJ booth, upscaling the kitchen side of the business and looking after the much-needed dancefloor. In return for your donation, there are a range of gifts that will be bestowed and those range from a Craig Richards designed tee, tote bag, headphone jack jewellery, signed records, the chance to record a podcast and even a weekday hire of the venue itself. For those that have been or even if you have just been keeping tabs on the calibre of events that take place in this special venue, The Lion and Lamb is one venue worth every penny of your donations.

To donate to the Save The Lion and Lamb cause go to their crowdfunder page.

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