Portuguese artist Magazino making steady recovery after recent health issues

The life as a touring DJ is a bumpy one and no one more than Portuguese artist and Bloop Recordings boss Magazino will attest to this. Having played a gig in Austria last December he returned from the gig exhausted and put this down to the rigours of travelling but on Monday morning he checked himself into the hospital and that is where he stayed and remains to this day.

While in hospital he was given the terrible news that in fact he had contracted leukaemia and this would require a bone marrow transplant as well as a course of chemotherapy. Understandably this was a shock to the DJ and when he was admitted to the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) in June he assumed he would be in the hospital for a matter of weeks while undergoing the initial chemotherapy treatment.

Sadly, Magazino’s story does not end there and he sadly contracted COVID-19 when there was an outbreak at the IPO. This resulted in Magazino experiencing the initial symptoms of shortness of breath and high temperature and soon fell into a coma. His case was so severe that after around 7 days in a coma his doctors believed that he might not make it, but contrary to this possible outcome Magazino remained strong and battled through his illness to regain consciousness after around a month. Once he came around he didn’t recognise the person looking back at him but he found the inner strength to fight his way. The magical part of this whole story is that during Magazino’s time in a coma a 100% bone marrow match was found via a blood and bone marrow drive that his friends had organised. So, when he is given the all-clear from COVID-19 he will be able to undergo the lifesaving treatment. In the meantime, he spends his days researching various forms of music and also helps to keep his fellow patient’s spirits high by playing them music and performing on his keyboard.

Having woken up to the fact that COVID-19 was still a major factor in his industry with many venues and clubs still not open around the world, not just Portugal, Magazino was still very optimistic and when we spoke to him earlier this week his strength and game plan is very admirable, “After my recovery, cause I’ve lost 21 kilos and cant walk, I will be able to do the bone marrow transplant. Hope to be back on the decks by June 2021, it’s my goal.” We all wish you a very speedy recovery Magazino and we look forward to hearing what music you have in store from your time recuperating.

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