Paravibe say goodbye to January with two room warehouse party

After the roaring success of their first event of 2020 alongside BienAimer Music and Pleasureroom Records, PARAVIBE returns to the backstreets of East London for another secret warehouse party and this time they are doubling up on the fun. Taking place on Saturday, February 1st the PARAVIBE crew will be programming 2 rooms jam-packed full of DJ talent from around London and further afield. Having been running for nearly 3 years and in that time, they have grown to the large scale event that has seen performances from the likes of Janeret, Crihan and Pra Jescu.

The major news, however, is that Room 1 headlining guest for the evening will be none other than The Other Side boss and recent Trommel podcaster Maher Daniel. The Creature head honcho whose edits have been finding their way into the bags of the likes of Ricardo Villalobos has been treading a path that has seen him balance an impressive solo and collaborative studio output as well-performing imprints and a demanding touring schedule. This is studio prowess is evident in his releases on The Other Side alone as Maher has recently released the first in a series of collabs with Ricardo.

Joining Maher at the top of the PARAVIBE programmed Room 1 will be French artist Illan Nicciani who has for some time has seen his productions cropping up on the likes of Form, Time Has Changed, Baile Musik and Brique Rouge. Joining Illan and Maher will be a cast of talented selectors that will be led by PARAVIBE founder Kane Solo, SorinSimon, Max. & Davide Decay, Philip K, Zahira and the mind-bending visuals will be taken care of by Damag Visuals.

Room 2 which will be hosted and programmed by BienAimer Music will also feature artists with an international identity but with strong links to London. Having recently launched their label with the acid flecked ‘Confessions Of An Acid Eater’ EP from Diego Santana that features the bomb remix from Voigtmann that featured on these very pages recently. Heading up Room 2 will be BienAimer Records boss and Frenchman Maco and he will be supported by the cast of Tarek Charbonnier, Fernando & Maper, Stany and those all-important visuals will be provided by Clara B. The final bit of great news is that both rooms will benefit from a perfectly tuned Funktion One sound system, so you won’t miss a beat regardless of which room you choose to lose yourself in.

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