Premiere: A1 – SR MD – Saint [CREATURE005]


With over two decades in dance music, Canadian artist Maher Daniel has been shaping the minimal landscape through various ventures that include his Creature imprint, and for the fifth installment, he has invited several clandestine artists to re-imagine moments in music from the recent past.

His two labels The Other Side and Creature have been pivotal since founding in 2016, pushing a reductive, dance floor aesthetic receiving heavy support from the likes of Rhadoo, Raresh and Ricardo.

Following the previously premiered edit of Suzanne Vega’s Toms Diner, the label’s fifth release is an unofficial ode to Depeche Mode. Fragile chords wrap around emotive acapellas from the UK band’s 2013 hit ‘Heaven’ in the premiered track, emitting a tender after-hours energy that will no doubt become the highlight of many sets.

Vocals carry a vulnerable character, narrating contemplative topics of ‘slowing losing myself’, which is met with impressively pertinent atmospheres from MD and SR. Subtle vocal snippets take rhythmical forms low in the mix, showcasing the depth of knowledge from two veterans of the studio.

Sampling moments of pause between lyrics, the pair turn the sound of Dave Gahan’s breath into elegant textures rippling throughout the track. Claps twinge with an organic flair, landing between velvety hats and a serene bassline that is gasping for playtime on pristine sound systems.

This level of production continues onto the record’s B Side with rather well-known artists’ already adored take on Depeche Mode’s ‘Sinner In Me’ seeing an official release. The minimal innovator sounds very at home, stretching out over a whopping 20 minutes filled with experimental joy.

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