Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – A1 [CREATURE003]

The third EP for the Unknown series renamed “Creature” is already within us, with two magnificent Depeche Mode edits.

Rumored to be Maher Daniel personal playground, the label showcased so far an interesting array of edits, including Price and Michael Jackson for respectively the first and the second issue, as well as a possible collaboration with Amir Javasoul again on both the first and the second.

So far, the third record have been heavily supported by the usual suspects including Ricardo Villalobos, which we all know loves the English band, Raresh and Praslea among others.

On A1, and for our premiere, an interesting edit of “Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel”.
The same track has recently seen a new success from an infamous edit made by a Romanian producer as part of the QNQN series, with a minimal and stripped back approach characterized by the melody in the distance spaced out by several reoccurring bleeps.

For this track instead, the mind behind Creatures decided to play a completely different game: the main theme of “Behind the Wheel” is well present across the whole lenght of the track, enhanced to a new power, as well as the main elements finding a new, deeper and reshaped angle. The vocals are slower and darker than the original, but still very assimilable to the Depeche Mode trademark, with an interesting trick around the chorus part which is looped-in in a very intelligent way.

On B1, a clever re-interpretation of “Depeche Mode – Nothing” mantain the coherence with the style of the front side: again, we can assist to an enhancement of the main track components which elevates the track to a new horizon, making it both ready and hot for the dancefloor. And like the front side, the vocal kicks in the scene in a very powerful way, promising peak of enthusiasm.

With a fourth issue seeing light straight after Sunwaves, is easy to say that Creature is a series worth to be watched very closely.

Buy the record (mysteriously enough, you need to be signed in to the website to actually see the release, in pure Unknown Artist style)

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