Premiere: A1 – Aprapta – Round & Round [BM160]

With over ten years experience in the game, Germany’s Baile Musik have become something of a well oiled machine when it comes to music distribution and promotion, mastering the ability to provide a base for a whole host of artists releasing electronic music thick and fast across a number of platforms.

It could be that this level of productivity is made possible by the label’s annual summer break, a recharging of the batteries before the next term begins. This year’s break is now over and to welcome in the new season, Aprapta and Ramona Yacef return to the label with a collaboration, complete with two solo tracks and a B side for the meeting minds. Something New EP brings release numbers on BM to a soaring 160 total.

Aprapta’s own takes the first slot on side. Round & Round has a deep, infectious groove that slowly warms to create the perfect balance between house and techno. The punching pace retains the minimal side while the bassline injects the flavour of house.

Sweet vocals present a welcome intensity, a melody in its own that oozes slick energy while a host of interesting samples play along with each other in the background. Percussive swing compliments short and sweet strings and distorted vocals creep along in harmony. These elements combine to produce a cool production suited for many a dancefloor.

The vinyl comes pressed in marble of different colours and can already be purchased via or Juno.

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