Free Download: Ramona Yacef, Lowris, Olivier Romero – STRATOSFERICHE [TFD069]

Readers of Trommel will already be well acquainted with Ramona Yacef, through her own productions, her well known Lescale Recordings output and her involvement in the esteemed Ruta5 label alongside Dandy Jack. The Italian artist, who has now settled in Paris has now got into the studio with a pair of French artists to produce what is hoped to be the first of a string of tracks. One listen to “STRATOSFERICHE” and we are certain that you will agree.

Providing his undoubted studio and dancefloor expertise is Lowris and he is of course very knowledgeable on what makes a floor tick. The myriad releases from the Frenchman on huge imprints such as Minibar, Nervmusic Records, CrazyJack Records, Politics of Dancing, and of course his own Æternum Music label and Fullscale event series all add to the elements he brings to this group project. 

The last piece of the puzzle comes from fellow Frenchman Olivier Romero and the Drumble Music label head is also a hotshot at the dials as his extensive Bandcamp will show. Having also had outings on French label Politics of Dancing, as well as Ramona Yacef’s Lescale Recordings, and Sonet means there was always a clear synergy between these three artists.

As with all great musical projects there is a perfectly timed back story to accompany the end result. With these three artists having played on the same lineups multiple times over the years, they met in Lowris’ studio where Ramona added her sultry vocals and synth work to the hardware beats and bass produced by Lowris and Olivier. The jam was then mixed and mastered by Lowris on an analogue desk to really make the track bump.

The minimal roots of this trio are evident from the very beginning with tough, clipped rhythms and serious sub bass propelling “STRATOSFERICHE” throughout its full run time, but it is not until the mean, fluctuating acidic bassline filters into view that the action really heats up. There is of course a few lull’s in the energy long enough to let the dancefloor pick their jaws back up off the ground, but then, it is right back into groove with a satisfying thump. The first listen is decidedly impressive, but it is not until repeat listens that the true genius of each later reveals itself and see’s this track bubble up to be one of our best free tracks yet. We will let you decide on that last point.

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