Pure Events prepare for open-air event in France with 23 artists performing

Pure Events is an association founded in 2016 by Antoine Rocourt aka Rocta, Yann Descamps aka Yandeck. The story would not have been written without the continued support, energy and full involvement of their ultra-active friends.

Consistently innovative, the open-air parties have most definitively bolstered the fine reputation of Pure Events. They offer a strong and major local events structure that attracts more and more participants event after event. Born from a clear statement that local youth was deeply missing this caliber of events, the collective is designed to create these much-needed social ties. Its main purpose is to promote and develop the culture of electronic music through events in Flanders, bringing a cross-border dimension by its proximity with Belgium and in turn touching fans of all electronic music. In parallel, their target is also to reach people for whom electronic music is out of this musical universe.

Pure Events parties are human scaled, accessible to everyone, offering a moment of discovery in unique and atypical frames. Their current trend of events is the investment of spaces initially not dedicated to culture. In urban environment, the hearts of cities, parks, streets or even industrial wastelands that much are coveted are what is sought out. Each time, in adaptation with the selected territory many places have been repurposed, villas, old nightclubs, pastures or even equestrian locations, this year, for the first time, we had the opportunity to enjoy a farm and the atmosphere it had to offer.

Never forget that music brings people together and that, after this unprecedented pandemic episode, a huge need to be together was deeply felt. This is why they planned their next event on a longer timeframe, in order to offer an event more supplied with a more qualitative line-up, mixing local, national and international artists. A first time for Pure Events to propose a 2 consecutive days’ events, on 2 scenes and 23 artists playing. Taking place on Saturday, June 18th and 19th they will be receiving stars from the underground scene that are obscenely in demand.

Across the two-day event topping each day will be Yoyaku artist Lowris on day 1, Apollonia member and super human selector Shonky on stage 1 on day two and Leo Pol will be performing live on the second stage on day two. Joining these headliners across both days will be a raft of local and emerging talent from France and Belgium and the full schedule can be found below.

⎾ LINE UP 18.06 ⏌
– Lowris (Yoyaku, Paris)
– Adema (C12, Full Scale, Bruxelles be)
– Hicham (Lille, Fr)
– Killiān, (Boreal, Boem Nantes fr)
– Abé (Minibar Record, Paris fr)
– Cimaï (Minima, Lille fr)

– Mainro (Family Name, Lille fr)
– Peo Watson (Magazine Club, Lille fr)
– Max Degrand (Secret, fr)
– F7T (Pure, Lille fr)
– 8tyl (Three Record, Lille fr)

⎾ LINE UP 19.06 ⏌
– Shonky (Apollonia, Paris)
– Adrian * Lebawski (Muzi Cartel, Gent be)
– Crisna b2b Yamos (Gaazol, Lille fr)
– Rocta (Pure, Lille fr)
– Yandeck (Pure, Lille fr)
– Deeper Vision (Lille, fr)

– Leo Pol (live)
– Desertland Sound System (Lille, fr)
– Felician (Pure, Lille fr)
– Jocose (Lille, fr)

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