Nautilus invites the Romanian duo of Charlie and Vlad Arapasu to Paris

Having recently celebrated their first anniversary with Dan Andrei, Melody as well as residents Viktor Zer and Santucci, Parisian outfit Nautilus Music will again be diving deep into the crystal blue waters of the minimal ocean. I say ocean in a figuratively and physically sense as Nautilus Music go to great lengths to provide a unique snapshot in to their blue universe by way of their inventive use of visuals created by ANTN and Perthuis which allow them to paint a rich blue tapestry around the venues where they set up their parties. In doing so a very special atmosphere is created and really transports those on the dancefloor to an aquatic world filled with sound.

With the collective already throwing solid events and a podcast series Nautilus Music will also be curating releases from emerging talent found in France, Romania and everywhere in between if it floats their boat. The latter element will fall in to place next year, but for now they have the hotly anticipated prospect on Saturday, November 2nd of performances from two of Romania’s most talented new breed of artists – Charlie and Vlad Arapasu.

Taking place at one of Paris’ minimal strongholds Nouveau Casino, this duo of selectors are well versed in the art of dancefloor mechanics as the 2 have been rather busy over the course of the summer season. Vlad Arapasu has been collecting passport stamps for fun over the course of this year as he has ticked off Berlin, Bulgaria, Israel, Colombia, Brazil, Australia and Belguim and of course this month he will be making his French debut alongside his countryman. As well as Vlad being a top-notch DJ he is also a wicked producer and has several releases on Atipic as well as Eastenderz, Subtil and his own Kontent label which will bear fruits very shortly.

Charlie is yet to release tracks by his own hand but he has had an equally busy travel schedule this year and has seen him turn out for a number of well-respected promoters in Germany, Poland, America, Switzerland, UK, Turkey, Ukraine and Finland. Charlie’s domestic movements are also worth shouting about too as he is regularly called upon to provide grooves to some of the biggest events in Romania. His sets at the likes of Picnic Fonic, Fine Days, Sunwaves, Hi Fi Fi and his upcoming support of Ricardo Villalobos are all well earnt and show just how talented this man is behind the decks.

With these two artists solely in charge of the music all night at this truly immersive party on Saturday, November 2nd this is the perfect chance to find out just how deep Nautilus Music goes. The fact that Nautilus Music has already featured at 4 of Paris’ biggest venues inside their first year will give some understanding about how serious their events are. If that doesn’t do it for you then how about the exclusive news that Romanian star Arapu will be closing out their year at their December party? I am sure you get the idea by now that if you are near Paris, or even if you are not you need to take measures to attend.

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