under the tree push the envelope even further with their first concert led event

Considering the obvious restrictions, the Zurich based club collective that make up under the tree has had an extremely busy year. Even despite the pandemic, it has been possible for them to welcome the biggest names in our sphere with each passing event. What started with a live performance from Amorf back in January and has traveled through sets from Arno, Suciu, Sepp, and Raresh under the tree will again be delivering a live and improvised musical missive but in an uncharted and exciting direction.

For the next party on Saturday, October 17th a very exciting live performance is nestled under their tree and it for the very first concert to take place at Supermarket they have scoured the four corners of the music world and have uncovered the talents of Zurich drummer and percussionist Kaspar Rast. Having been instrumental in the jazz scene of Zurich and farther afield from a young age Rast is the perfect opening salvo in what is set to become a truly memorable musical journey. For those of you that are acquainted with Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin Live album will be all too familiar with Rast’s superhuman rhythms and unquestionable skill with a set of drum sticks. For those of you that are not familiar with Rast’s extensive work, you will find that his style and indeed Jazz in its many elements and ideology sits very well with minimal and abstract electronica as bedfellows.

This section of the night will act as the perfect segue to the remainder of the assorted talent that will include Ro lynchpin Cezar and the return of an under the tree favourite Charlie. As well as these two fine Romanian imports, the local aspect will be covered by duo Trüb and Orel and Pedram complete the line-up of this perfectly weighted event nicely. Yet again under the tree and Supermarket push the boundaries of a club event to its limits.

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