London based party legends secretsundaze call for support

This seems to be an all too familiar story that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic yet another influential and sacred institution is in dire need of support to continue to exist. Speaking in broader terms, the current situation has meant a serious overhauling of music led venues and party concepts in order to adapt to the introduced safety measures. What this has meant for the majority is that previously conceived concepts are just simply no longer attainable due to the amount of revenue required in order for them to function properly. This also means large gatherings and smaller venues are unable to meet the demands of their clientele or function in the way that they were intended.

One such institution that is currently under the cosh is that of James Priestly and Giles Smith’s inclusive party brand secretsundaze. In a heartfelt post made via their social media, the pair of selectors detailed their journey from the making of their first party up to the last. In order for secretsundaze to stay afloat as an organisation they need your help and have set up a fundraising page in order to do so. As the lads explain in their video the money generated from this project will enable them to maintain functioning as an organisation and not lay off their hardworking team. Any extra funds that are garnered will go towards the setting up of their studio which they sadly lost after 4 years in action.

As well as the lifeblood that their parties feed into the music community their label is also home to the emerging talent that requires a creative space to further the good work they have delivered over the last 20 years. The London based party has been a shining beacon of light when it comes to quality music of all genres and the thought of there being no more day time soirées or sweatbox raves with Giles Smith and James Priestly at the helm is not worth thinking about.

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