5 years of VBX continues into 2018 w/ Ricardo Villalobos

5 years of VBX | Trommel Music

Last Saturday Dutch promoter VBX celebrated its 5th anniversary at Shelter in Amsterdam. The event followed three other events at Amsterdam Dance Event that saw the likes of Zip, Raresh, Praslea, Vera, SIT, Jan Kruger and more join Ferro, Makcim, Frank Haag and Reiss.

For the 5th anniversary event, VBX decided to make its own group of residents the stars of the show. Ferro, Makcim, Frank Haag and Reiss are the four artists who have helped shape the VBX sound to what it is today.

Over the last five years, the VBX team have experimented with many spaces and invited guest bookings whilst moulding the party into what it is today. It is these artists that have always been a consistent force behind the parties and used a combination of sounds to define VBX. When you attend the parties VBX host, you can feel the bold attitude of the party on the dance floor; it’s groups of people who leave their troubles at the door.

On Friday 26th January, Ricardo Villalobos will be the special guest as VBX continues its fifth anniversary year. Villalobos will join Ferro and Reiss for a special party that could go well into Saturday morning/afternoon. After booking the likes of Zip and Raresh, there was only one thing left to do. It’s this kind of booking that shows the music world that VBX is not content with standing still.

See below for photos of VBX and the intimate atmosphere the party creates inside one of Amsterdam’s most exciting new venues.

Words by Adam Monti and Andrew Leese

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