iO Mulen (real name Oleksandr Voznichenko) is a master of many platforms. We proved just on what scale when we sat down with him back in February to talk through his individual record labels. Certainly it’s not uncommon for a label to have one or two sub or affiliated labels. Oleksandr’s case is a little more unusual however, with the man heading up ten. Testament to his impeccable juggling skills and a keen ear for top quality music, all of said labels have made and continue to make their own mark on the underground house and techno circuit. Winder is one of them, the newest one and possibly the last (for now, anyway). The latest release is quite frankly, fire.

This one features a handful of artists from across the globe both established and up and coming. Like the last VA, the selection is really on point which is not always an easy achievement. All too often you might find a VA record with one or two tracks that you really dig. WINDER05 truly delivers the goods on all four.


Romanian staple Costin Rp opens the record with ‘You Me Space’. Infectious energy is served straight from the rolling groove that dominates the beat. High powered synths glide over the bassline in euphoric fashion, the sweet sounds of techno. The powers of this track stem from its pace, but also the tantalising melodies that intertwine. From the first track, its clear this record is of high calibre.


Faster follows on with ‘Necomestibil’, equally as full of groove but much more stripped back in volume. Hollow synths gently flow over the energetic rhythms that you know will captivate on the dancefloor. It’s the percussion that really takes hold, dedicated and full of swing, all the while retaining a rolling beat typical of Rominimal flavour like its counterpart.


Flip over onto the B side and you’ve flown from Europe to South America, where the basslines are that bit more spacious. Bernat goes in deeper, serving up a bouncing growl that is so prominent its absence lifts you at the breakdown. The synth melodies are warm and hopeful, creating an equal balance of pleasantry and grit.


Franco Motta completes the VA with the aptly titled ‘Finish’. Last but by no means least absolutely applies here. Darker undertones are fuelled by groove that would slot in perfectly at peak time. Synthy sirens swirl and spiral around rapid, clicking percussion, reflecting all the elements of a techno banger brought back down to earth by an imprint of funk fuelled house.

Hats off once again to the talent spotter that is iO Mulen as he continues to deliver with his projects. WINDER05 is a four track VA that delivers from all four corners. If this is the first you’re hearing of Oleksandr and his many labels, dedicate some time to reading our recent interview with him as he talks through his many releases. But don’t blame us if your bank balance takes a hit.

Buy WINDER05 from Juno or Expected release date early July.

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