Review: V.A. – MIRIAM003 [MIRIAM003]

London based Miriam Records shape their third release across a five track various artists EP.

Since inception in March last year, the collective have established a unique strain of low-slung minimalist house, pressing two well received records with support from the likes of Cabanne and Zendid, as well as inviting a number of the reductive house roster including Cab Drivers and Giuliano Lomonte to event showcases around the capital.

The third release features a curation of friends and artists close to the label, exploring various shades of 4/4 formulas lathered with textural details, yet retaining a minimalist and hypnotic taste.

Co-founder of the imprint Benson Herbert provides the opening cut with a pensive venture in ‘Suggestions’. A short and crisp percussive palate forms a lucid foundation, littered with fizzing hats and modular-bleeps creating ever-changing subtle movements in the high end, allowing for a simple three note sub bass to take the reins of hypnosis through perpetual repetition.

Brief, loopy melodies carry a more-ish and dream-like character, patiently unraveling throughout a well-paced arrangement, occasionally evolving into soft, sustained chords wrapping around slippery, whispered vocals drifting in and out of the track.

The producer behind the label’s previous release Scott G unveils a new alias as Caleski in the releases second track ‘Reality Check’, a lean garage tinged cut experimenting with dub techno influences.

Heavy chords dipped in a plate-like reverb cast a cryptic, after-hours atmosphere which finds a luscious parallel with a playful acoustic drum palette. Quirky, swung hats simmer over a bubbly bassline sifting between percussive parts occasionally caressed by a female vocal.

London producer Charlie Banks brings a high energy cut in the third contribution. Glitchy chords open out above a confident bassline, marrying with cleverly swung hats and a slick bongo sample. Sections evolve gradually throughout the nine minute arrangement, slipping elements patiently from the mix, nicely suited for extended and multi-track mixes.

Utrecht based Joren Edwards continues the dance floor mood in ‘Dome’. A timeless bassline rolls over a light, skippy drum section remnant of the sound of iO Mulen’s innovative MOI series. The bliss, calm mood slots comfortably into any section of a set, carrying enough weight for peak time as well as a tone setting warm up / after hours.

Son Of closes the EP in an apt, conclusive manner. Textural drum patterns allude to a large, stuttered string section welcoming an extended breakdown that wouldn’t sound out of place as a soundtrack the end of an extended set from the likes of Cosmjn & Lizz.

All five tracks offer a well pronounced variance in mood and retain the enigmatic palatability of this textural strain of stripped back house music.

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