Premiere: 1 – Charlie Banks – Lime Green [DISC001]

Charlie Banks - DISC001 cover art

Charlie Banks has been on a roll for some time now. A regular in several circles, including Prunk’s PIV Records and Archie Hamilton’s Moscow series, the London producer has long since proven his talent.

Banks spent much of 2020 mixing and making music, a bunch of which formed his Trommel InSession podcast in the same year. Now, he is ready to form his own platform. Welcome Disculture to the circuit.

The debut has been receiving support from the likes of Chris Stussy, Prunk and Enzo Siragusa. The latter dropped the title track in his Awakenings Podcast earlier this year and we are now presenting the premiere.

‘Lime Green’ has a deep growl of a bassline that is laced with groove. Percussive swing dances with force, sporting a firm rhythm defined by an ever-present hi-hat. It’s impossible not to tap your feet along with it.

A simple synth line converses with a filtered vocal and shimmering chords inject a pleasant flavour of freshness. A delicate splash of keys signals further delight. Momentum builds through the melodies, working toward riling breaks and energetic drops, before stripping it back to simple pads. The beat, however, is always retained.

Everything comes to a head for the big breakdown, riding the filter through the wind-down before the driving bass returns. Passionate and playful, this one will set dance floors alight.

The remainder of the release follows suit with its rhythms and plentiful groove. ‘New Day’ offers a slightly deeper vibe while ‘Dweck’s Dungeon’ brings with it a more regimented march. Three dancefloor movers for sure.

Lime Green EP is available digitally from today at Bandcamp & Beatport.

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