Review: Arapu – Atipic Lab 001

Priku’s label ‘Atipic’ has steadily grown over the two years since it came into existence to become one of the most respected minimal labels in the scene for a number of reasons. It’s given platforms to emerging talents and not just big names. Interesting the EP and track names have been a chin scratcher, with EPs being named 001, 002… and then tracks being named 001.1, 001.2… on that EP. It lets the music speak for itself.

Compatriot Arapu is the first to debut on Atipic Lab. As you can probably guess, there’s been no press release issued explaining what Atipic Lab is about or what it strives to do, but there’s one thing that’s already established – the music is fantastic.

First of all, we have ‘Slower’, a track that could be considered rather tame by Arapu’s standards, a producer who isn’t afraid of pushing the boundaries of what you expect from him. The track seems more along the lines of a DJ tool, much like the production on Eastenderz, which both of Priku and Arapu have been associated with. The bassline is cunningly smooth and loopy whilst the drums and pads predictably give this one its danceability and easy mixing potential.

However, ‘Blues’ seems like far more of an Arapu production. The track is slightly faster than its A side counterpart and contains a lot more energy and personality. The bassline is driving and perfectly suited to a set during peak time of a party. Quirky synths in the background do a lot for this one, providing an almost dreamlike sensation whilst the drums and snares bring you back to reality.

You can purchase Atipic at Juno, Deejay or any good record store of your choice.

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