Review: Arapu – Anthology EP [MRTZ011]

Raresh‘s Metereze follows much of the same patterns as other Romanian labels. Little to no promotion, vinyl-only and sporadic releases. The tracks are often played by Raresh and a small circle of associates for months or even years before they’re released. Whilst frustrating, it makes it all worth it once they’re finally released.

The label has often released music from lesser-known producers, releases from Vincentlulian in 2015 and Sublee in 2016 did well to propel their music and talent to a wider audience. Not to mention the release of Barac‘s album back in 2014, when the now star-studded producer was still on the rise.

Metereze’s 11th releasee is anything but an unknown quantity. Arapu may just be the most prolific Romanian producer out there, with 16 EPs since 2011 and countless remixes. His Anthology EP produces four sleek and intricate cuts.

A1’s ‘Committed’ will most likely ring a few bells if you’ve recently attended a party featuring Arapu, SIT, Raresh or just about anyone Romanian. All for good reason, of course, the relatively straight forward drum pattern delivers the foundations of groove whilst subtle background hi-hats sprinkle some sonic flavour.

However, it’s Arapu’s masterful synth design that transforms Committed from a good track into a great one. The insanely catchy synth groove has been re-playing in the minds of listeners since as far back as Sunwaves 21. Popping up throughout the track, it acts as a timely reminder of Arapu’s seemingly innate ability to get people moving and smiling on the dancefloor.

The entire EP is an excellent showcase to his ability to a producer and it’s perhaps the most versatile piece of work we’ve seen him from. A-side compatriot ‘Wave Hat’ delivers for those who prefer their minimal to lean towards the darker side with its hair raising bassline and distorted bleeps.

On the flip side of the wax, Modular Jam might be the creme of the crop for this EP. A whole range of percussion along with a futuristic bassline expertly complemented with module bleeps and distorted vocals. Essential listening for those who like something more outside of the box than usual.

The EP may be sold out at your favourite record already, but there’s still repress copies coming up at Decks and Yoyaku.

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