Premiere: B2 – Iuly.B – Exoplanet [MTRZ014]

Iuly.B - Metereze record a side

Without further ado we present the latest instalment on one of Romania’s finest record labels. Metereze has been doing the rounds since 2013 and the steadily building back catalogue features some of the most sought after. From Dubtil’s Oarecum to Arapu’s Anthology and an extended selection from Barac, Metereze pays homage to the sounds of Romanian minimal. And when a leading figure like Raresh is in charge, it’s no surprise the records are right on point.

Presence EP marks a debut for fellow Romanian artist Iuly.B, a man whose talent has been bubbling away for several years and exploded in the more recent. He has featured heavily on our pages, most significantly with an ‘unreleased own productions only’ podcast last year.

His sound is dedicated and perfectly poised as his own and those signature, club ready productions come with a versatility that fits many flavours. FUSE, Visionquest, Vatos Locos, Mulen and Subtil have all hosted his work.

‘Exoplanet’ on the B side is as much about the low-slung groove as it is the intergalactic exploration into electronica. Bassline is a body mover and the textures that sit above it become fuller and fuller. Synthline slowly rises into euphoric levels as background chatter of signals give a constant support. Sci-fi spills through growling keys and manufactured organisms that stem playfully in the sound.

A cosmic warmth is lit brightly in this one and that is sure to emanate into the crowd. Expect to hear it from some of your favourites as it is likely to receive a lot of support.

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