Premiere: B2 – Paolo Macri – Digital Deceivers [LMML19]

Paolo Macri is assuredly a name that you will be hearing more and more in the coming months not least on these pages. The Italian and his Outcast Torino team are making some serious noises with their events and newly minted record label.

The Berlin-based taste-making label LowMoneyMusicLove has brought in the rising Italian to keep up the good word of their label and he has knocked it out of the park. On his ‘Digital Deceivers’ four-track EP he rolls two sides of wax packed full of peak time analogue goodness.

Like all LMML releases the curation is spot on. From the first track ‘Dance Traxx’ there is a distinctly nu school retro house vibe. Lush synths and dreamy basslines conjure up hazy afternoons on a sun-kissed terrace. ‘Progressivo 4 am’ amps things up and there is a distinct leveling up in the sound palette too. Shimmering synths and squelching basslines give that added punch while the BPM’s also rise.

Side B is a serious slice of music and B1 ‘Hot Wings’ kicks off the action with a hard-hitting peak time house groove. The Rounded oldskool bassline is the main theme but where the two tracks on this differ is that the best has been kept for last. The simple repeating motif in ‘Digital Deceivers’ is easy to let into your brain where it will stay for a long time but it is the bounding sub-bass that will take you there.

Paolo Macri’s ‘Digital Deceivers’ EP will be available from blackroundtwelves shortly.

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