Premiere: A1 – Ivan Iacobucci – 8th Life Of The Cat [LMML14]

LowMoneyMusicLove, the Berlin-based crew known for their fun-loving attitude, have consistently produced high-quality outputs, and hosted a number of events in Berlin, Frankfurt and other cities across Europe, attracting a loyal following of friends and music lovers.

The labels 14th release comes from veteran Italian producer and DJ Ivan Iacobucci, who has been making music since the 90’s under a number of aliases. The label keeps its momentum up on this one, following on from their previous release with Seuil. LMML14 maintains the label’s vision of deep and playful house, techno and electro.

Trommel premieres ‘8th Life Of The Cat’, the record’s A1, a deep number tinged with a classic Yamaha organ. The three track release also offers a driving, dancefloor orientated cut with B1 ‘Pleka Is Nothing’, while ‘Mirage’ finishes off the EP nicely with a mellow and melodic track on the B2.

Listen to the full-length track on our SoundCloud channel below. You can order your copy of the wax here.

Words by Amy Hocknell

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