Premiere: B2 – Italoboyz / Marco Donato – Random Fucktor [POLO-06]

Having had Polarity Records – the label of Luca Piermattei and Gäbrø, on my radars for a long time, I somehow always managed to sleep on their releases. Even the label has some really great tracks in its roster – just take a look at “Goosebumps” by Luca himself, or the previous release by Modex. This time was almost like all those – the first three tracks were OK, but then came the last one…

Since this is one of those rare moments, when we have the track after it was released (and, actually, even made it to our last year’s top-100), you probably even heard it in full, or, maybe, even have it in your bag. In that case, you know how great it is. If not – well, let’s say, that this is one of the best 7-minute journeys, that were released in 2022. Starting slowly, adding one element at a time, until it is becoming critical to recognise, that we’re having something really good here. And then that almost cinematic part in the third minute becomes the game-changer here. You can mix that track at any moment or just hold it on the second deck for 3-4 minutes – that’s another beauty of it. Marco Donato definitely did a great job on “Random Fucktor”.

Just like he did on “Risotto” on the A1. Unlike the dish, the track can’t be the main thing here, not with the B2. But still, we’re having a nice, trippy, percussion-based tech tool to open the record. Luca Piermattei added two remixes here – the first one will be on “Random Fucktor” – and it sounds different, like, completely. You can still recognize the elements from the original track, but the pace is much more intense and there are too many additions. Still, the remix is working as should. Another is on the track, called “Thisismyradiostar”, playing with some synth/italo infusions inside – usually it means, that we’re having another perfect track for some evening car rides. Or even drifts.

If you still don’t have the release in your possession – you better check shops like Juno, Deejay or Decks ASAP. Or even Discogs, this is an easy sold-out material.

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