Premiere: 1 – Italoboyz – Talking Headz [SFICT019]

Minimal old heads Italoboyz return on their own Superfiction Recordings imprint for their 19th release. Having been in with the bricks during minimal’s original heyday the pair have released on some of the genres finest labels such as Safari Electronique, Treibstoff, Trapez, and Moon Harbour Recordings to name just a few. Their next EP is a digital only collaborative effort that sees them in solo mode as well as Marco Donato working together fellow old head Alexi Delano.

Kicking off with track 1 ‘Talking Headz’ an echoed vocal motif slips and wiggles its way through a thumping bassline while the intensity builds to fever pitch by way of the echoing synths. Fizzing hi hats pierce the mix as if molten lava is flying right through the middle of the track.

Being a hub for top notch producers and artists such as Martinez, John Dimas, Luna City Express, Alex Celler and now Alexi Delano joins those ranks. The second of half of the EP belongs to the collab between Italoboyz’ Marco Donato and Alexi Delano. ‘Chockblain’ harks back to the golden age of tech house where it is all about the bassline and groove and this track collab has it in spades.

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