Premiere: A1 – Giuseppe Angeloro – Sequenza Libera [POLO-07]

Polarity Records is back with the snack and four great producers inside for their first Various Artists release. We’re featuring a track that might not be well-known, but it’s his composition that has already made the biggest impact on the dancefloors.

Say hello to Giuseppe Angeloro and his “Sequenza Libera”, which has already been played by a lot of big names. What names? Let’s say, FdG and Quest love to add this beauty to their sets. A solid acid banger, that type, that always puts a smile on your face, because you know, that the most powerful part of the set is coming and you’re finally ready for it.

The second name on the record is Cedric Dekowski with his “Roayal”, a very marching one, I would call it stripped-down, but that’s definitely not the case. Stripped-up, maybe? Luca Piermattei, the owner of the label, sends us his “Aerial Silk”, and if you remember the previous Polarity premiere here, you’ll call it the signature label sound. And I will totally agree with you on that. The final addition to this wild bunch is Thilo Dietrich and his track “72nd Chord” – similar to Polarity’s style, I would say, but this time, it’s more of a banger than a roller.

All in all, if you trust the taste of Francesco Del Garda and Quest and also love all the other tracks on the record, Juno, Deejay, and Small Black Dots are already waiting for your pre-orders.

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