Premiere: B1 – HEAR – Sunday Blues (Wareika Remix) [NM-05]

Few artists are able to inject a real organic sense of nature into their tracks like Wareika. Be it the sound of birds singing in the background, a gentle breeze disturbing wind chimes there is a myriad of subtle nuances that playfully dance in and out of Wareika’s tracks.

The trio that is comprised of Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher, and Henrik Raabe excel in a great many disciplines (as seen on their recent podcast for us) but where they are most comfortable is winding their way through an after-hours sonic adventure. This is exactly where we find Wareika for their remix for Naissance Musik boss HEAR’s ‘Interconnections’ EP.

Like a lot of their best work Wareika tend not to limit themselves to the regular 6/7-minute club track run time. Instead, they allow their tracks to breath and unfold over 10+ minutes and in this case over 13 minutes has been deemed suitable to tell this particular story. Where the original version is much more dance floor orientated, there is still an air of post-peak time madness about it. Bowed guitar licks and Spanish percussion thankfully make the journey over to Wareika’s extended version.

As if each element is independent of each other yet fully cohesive in their message. Tumbling drums seem to pour over meandering synth lines and the odd flock of sea birds pass by for a look. As with most great improv performances, there is always a stunning breakdown where all the madness and sideward sliding tempo signatures seem to make sense. This moment of clarity usually precedes a moment of genius when context is applied in the form of a thudding kick drum.

Completing this fine release is more guitar greatness in the form of ‘Innerpath’. Plucky guitar licks jam over the top of lush paddy atmospheres and the accompanying synth work. The result is a top track and a tidy release addition that rounds out a pretty stunning effort both audio and visually yet again from label owner HEAR’s choice of stunning artwork that comes courtesy of in-house artist Celine Bedat. Certainly, a release that demands the attention of vinyl lovers if not the €1,000 price tag for the die-hard digital heads out there.

The vinyl release is now available to buy via the Naissance Musik Bandcamp page.

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