Trommel.106 – Wareika (live)

German trio Wareika made up of electronic musicians Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher, and Henrik Raabe have crafted a sublime style that gives more than a nod to their Jazz and Classical backgrounds. This deep knowledge and understanding of these genres as well as the inhuman skill at the controls of their machines makes for one of the most impressive live acts in the game.

Being a part of the Perlon family since their 2010 album ‘Harmonie Park’ the trio have sewn together a great many moods and sonic journeys since then. As well as the magical Frankfurt imprint this talented threesome has also starred for the likes of Amphia, Visionquest as well as our own recent charity release. being DJ’s too Wareika have a truly unique perspective on dance music in all its many forms so it with great pleasure we present 80 minutes of live-based action for the next edition of our podcast series.

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