Premiere: B1 – Direkt – Acid Roller [SKIPAUDIO002]


Romanian producer Direkt contributes a steamy roller to the second release of Skip Audio.

The Barcelona-based imprint launched onto the market late last year with a slick various artist release featuring Giuliano Lomonte‘s elegant work which featured on the channels, alongside Viceversa, Fabrizio Maurizi, and Vincent Casanova.

Direkt’s prolific output has seen heavy support over recent years, with releases for the likes of UVAR, Atipic, and Botantic Minds, the Bucharest-based artist has been soundtracking many dance floors across the minimal circuit.

His work for Rowle’s sublabel Abduction featured on the channels mid-last year, showcasing his sultry, groove-laden sound which we gain further insight into with the premiered ‘Acid Roller’.

Energies are lifted in this no-nonsense, upfront cut. Rolling rhythms caress a curious, moreish bassline that could be played at almost anytime during a set. Percussions are simple and reduced, allowing for the perpetual low end to work its hypnotic magic, whether it’s warming up the floor slightly pitched down, or pumping out at peak-time.

Squelchy blips and twists tinker over the mix, dripping warm embers down through hi-hat patterns or subtle vocal stutters shimmering over the mix. Sections unfold with a satisfying and considered approach, losing a hat or gaining a clap, it’s the kind of track that could stay in the mix for 10+ minutes without a blink.

Vern heads up the A1 on the release with a funky workout in ‘Eclips’, working trippy chords over a slippery bassline and lean percussion. Distilled Noise follows a similar route with the  dreamy, hopeful vibe of ‘Robin Mood’, flexing featherweight synth work over delicate hi-hats.

Zenk & Enivrez Vous close the EP with a deeper, cosmic-driven cut. Sultry synths swim at the rear of a composed, gentle rhythm to conclude this versatile, club-ready release. Early support on the record comes from the likes of Raresh, Crihan, Sepp, and many more.

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