Premiere: A1 – Direkt – French [ABD003]


Rowle sub-label Abduction invite rising Romanian talent Direkt for the label’s third output, and first solo artist EP.

The Italian vinyl imprints have crept into the bags of many esteemed selectors since inception in 2017 with the premiered ABD001, pushing a sultry tech-house sound gaining support from the likes of Dan Andrei, Raresh, Priku and more.

Honing his strain of long form, hypnotic minimal compositions in a number of well received releases via Botanic Minds and Vivus Records alongside a consistent Bandcamp output, the previous Trommel feature Direkt has formed an identity amongst the minimal circuit, with consistent support in his productions, as well as joining the Orīgo artist roster.

Four inspired, floor ready cuts fill the vinyl in ABD003, meandering through versatile and pronounced moods fit for an array of contexts during a set. The premiered A1 ‘French’ builds around palatial, dream-state atmospheres, lapping whispered vocals onto an airy, percussive palate walking the idyllic line between tone setting warm up and wispy after hours energy.

Gentle mutations guide a patient eight minute arrangement, forming around a perpetual bassline catering for longer form, multi track mixing methods favoured by much of the Romanian roster; as well as maintaining enough interest for a transportive home listening experience.

‘Kewl’ boasts a neat swung rhythm completing the A-side, meeting with druggy vocal blips and a teasing low end, whilst ‘Lush’ and ‘Sat30’ explore contemplative territories on the flip.

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