Premiere: A2 – Itu – Podu Ros [ADB001]

After their lastest release, “Apologise for The Delay” EP from Michael James, including a great remix from Traumer, it is time for the Italian collective behind Rowle to unveil their sub-label.

Kicking off the first-ever release, Abduction propose a Various Artists with an amazing mix of upcoming producers, all of them clearly on the rise if we look at their output during 2018. On A-side we find ADMNTi‘s Angkor, a loopy and dreamy cut characterized by the use of a wide chorde in the background and a combination of hats, baseline and piano sounds that join the core elements further into composition.

On A2, and for our premiere, Itu brings back the vibes to an even more minimalistic soundscape, when hypnotic grooves are blended together with distant and broken sound elements. The young Romanian producer, born in Iasi but currently living in Turin, is clearly inspired by the recent evolution of sound and scene of his country of origin; as a result, many elements and characteristics of the typical Romanian sound can be found in his production.

On the flip side, Kepler and Reyam provides a more housey approach that gives completeness to the release, making it worth to fit the bag of several DJs. Being already supported by Petre Inspirescu, Viceversa, ALCI, Reiss, Giuliano Lomonte and Iuly.B, the record is out in February and gives Rowle the chance to both explore new shades of the sound spectrum as well as to create a platform for uprising producers.

The next release, ABD002, is already signed and will see a full made-in-Italy Vartious Artists, in order to foster and support the local talents and the Italian scene. Future plans for the label are still a mystery, but we are sure it will be something exciting

Artwork by Carlo D’Ambrosio

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