Premiere: B1 – Petit Batou – Belleville (Costin Rp Remix) [SPTV008]

Today we are paying attention to a significant novelty, a rising star from Romania –
Costin Rp, on his real name, Costin Popescu who has been DJing and producing for several years now. Situated in Bucharest, Costin managed to be heard not only
locally but by numerous international artists such as Ricardo Villalobos or Priku having played his tracks. With releases for Pleasure Zone and Pressure Traxx, Rp is considered to be a whole package artist, easily going from techno to house.

Released by Stamp Records: a full-body EP, containing three tracks: the Original mix on A1 and Costin Rp together with Herck remixes on the flip side. This mixture is said to be a memento of a special moment caught by Petit Batou, each outtake being made to be spellbinding and thought-provoking. On the first hand, there is an acoustic depth in Costin’s remix, a discordant harmony, an amalgam of lines that become an image right before the first couple of minutes of listening. On the second hand, a feminine murmur curbs the resonance transposes to an almost narcotic state of mind blending in with the metallic reverberation. Gripping and alive, Rp Remix is an absorbing tune, not only for an audition but dance as well.

Petit Batou’s ‘Belleville’ EP is now available on since it’s the release date on Monday, August 10th.

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