Free Download: Costin Rp – Taktt [TFD049]

Costin Rp like many of the premiere Romanian producers has inhuman capabilities when it comes to crafting other wordly sounds. Their ability to reconceptualise these alien tones and meld them together with sounds that might not usually sit together is more than just a well-nurtured skill. It is because of these skills that Costin has appeared on the likes of Please Zone, Pressure Traxx, and Isla Records as well as one of our most loved podcast editions.

This ear for a leftfield sound palette is front and center in Costin’s track ‘Taktt’. The undulating bassline sticks to the low riding kick like glue and offers the solid bedrock from which the other elements spring from. The angular synths are about as straight up as they come but the intertwining percussive parts shift the track in interesting directions. This is only the beginning though as the latter synth parts that bloom into life really set this track and many others from Costin in a special category.

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