Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – KarpKord [HSW001]

Habits Records - record art

Habits Records are celebrating three years in the business with the launch of a new vinyl platform.

The UK label has been in full throttle mode of late, churning out quality releases month on month. Sascha Sonido returned to the outfit for the 30th release of the digital imprint, from which we premiered ‘Fargo’ last month. Now it’s time to unleash the aptly named Habits Stamped Wax. It begins with an intriguing Unknown Artist special.

Looking through the Habits back catalogue, it is easy to spot a common theme. Support of a contingency of Romanian artists can always be relied upon, often receiving plays from the likes of Cosmjn, Mihai Pol, Dragutesku, Costin RP, IULY.B and Mihai Popoviciu. The first edition of Habits Stamped Wax is no different and we’ve got ‘KarpKord’ on the premiere.

Rattling percussion keeps a steady rhythm, flickering lightly over a gently thudding bassline. In true Romanian flavour, the focus centres around the depths of deep minimalism. As strings twang with changing intensities, mechanical clatter echoes intrinsically in the back. Little and frequent, it’s a constant trickle of peaking interest.

Bright melodies ooze a euphoric element in compressed chords that dance steadily over the beat. Filter controls the vibe, teasing its presence between hands up groove and deep subtlety. This is prime warm up material.

It is possible to pre-order the record at Bandcamp, before the official release later this week. Be quick though, as we write there are are only 29 copies left out of a limited 300.

With this, the next edition of XXX Culture and the impending launch of Habits Raw all upcoming, there really is no stopping Habits Records right now.

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