Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – Titoli Sospesi [HSW002]

UK label Habits Records is back with a new signature on their new vinyl platform Habits Stamped Wax. The motto behind the concept? “If it bangs, it bangs” said the head of the label.

HSW is the new vinyl platform launched almost a year ago to celebrate the three years anniversary of the label. “I wanted to get away from the typical Beatport/digital releases you get nowadays which is what promoted me to focus on pushing our Bandcamp and keeping it exclusively over there,” he adds. “I always had a vision I wanted to express art through music so that’s why we decided to add some fun vinyl-only releases known as, Habits Stamped Wax & Habits Raw.

HSW002 is a four-tracker EP, all signed by one (or more?) unknown artist(s). We premiere B1 with bumping track ‘Titoli Sospesi’, as it has all the ingredients needed for the perfect after-hours vibes. The groove is driven by a banging breakbeat that takes the lead all over the track, combined with 90’s house sonorities. As the producer plays with intensity, barely giving you time to catch your breath in some floating moments, he carries on with hip-hop-influenced vocals – and that’s where you get the magic.

The entire Habits Stamped Wax vinyl series will retain the ‘unknown artist’ alias for all their releases in order to create a label that has complete freedom in terms of releases. “I wanted people to hear the tunes, see the 180g multicoloured vinyl and be like ‘man I need to buy this record” adds the head behind the label.

You’d better grab your copy quickly as it’s a limited edition of 500 records, and there are already only 26 copies left on Bandcamp. No repress announced.

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