Premiere: 2 – Glasidum – Danzel Washin Tone (Akyra Remix) [HR035]

UK label Habits Records is in the middle of a rather impressive hot streak and with several releases all becoming go to bombs for the likes of Arapu, Mihai Pol, XXX Culture and Sublee. The on point productions that are packed into Habits Records’ releases come from all manner of locations and this time around HR035 comes via Argentine artist Glasidum and his five track self-titled EP.

We begin our look at the EP with Italian artist Akyra’s remix of tongue in cheek track ‘Danzel Washin Tone’. Where the original keeps the groove in a subtler lower slung tempo the remix edges the mix in a brighter direction. Floaty pads repeat a sweet tone over and over while snares and pop around them. They culminate around midway through the track to allow the rounded gnarled bassline to really hit home but only momentarily before those sweet tones breeze back into the mix.

Heading back to the beginning of this digital release and ‘Shoot’ is a moodier affair and leans heavily on the strength of the deep bassline that thuds along. Wonky piano chords seem to hang in the air while the processed vocals swirl around in a repeated request.

‘Sending Fruit’ is a synth laden workout that strides forward towards what seems a darker conclusion but seems to take a bit of a left-hand turn by way of a nicely crafted pad. Rounding out the release is ‘Grrrr’ and this is a much more upbeat track. Thanks must be paid to the 303 synth that works its magic for much of the run time but again the floaty pads play their part. Again, Habits Records deliver a well-produced EP from original sources and gets the rightful support from some of the biggest artists in the game.

HR035 is now available from bandcamp.

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