Premiere: A1 – Lose Endz – 1001 Problems [MYRIAD001]

Vinyl label Myriad Records joins the world of wax with its first slice landing in the form of a VA entitled ‘Strange Exchange’. The idea behind this various artist release is to capture a host of different feelings and flavours, curating a versatile combination of tracks. This first release enforces and animates their vision of encapsulating the spectrum of moods and vibes that present themselves within that hypnotic minimal tech sound.

We premiere A1. on the release, “Lose Endz – 1001 Problems”. An introspective swatch of dancefloor goodness with a tight, driving kick that carries the track through countless interjections. Bubbling acid, sound design artefacts, pads and vocal shots ebb and flow as they provide a backstory for the lead line that meanders and plucks playfully, oozing refreshing and wholesome tones that pack a real soothing effect.

Joining Lose Endz on the A-side is turbo producer and straight-up studio wizard Tommy Vicari Jnr under his V.I.C.A.R.I. alias. His track “Squeez” takes a step back for a more pensive moment as a wall of dub-style synthesis breeds and breathes under a succinct and plucky combination of acid-tinged plucks and percussion tell the tale.

B1. “Stoi – What crosses my mind gets hit by a car” slows things right down as uplifting, well-executed grooves are met with reliable percussion and airy pads. The culmination of these elements form an entrancing atmosphere that chugs along nicely, evolving and transitioning throughout the track.

Rounding off the flipside B2. “Wabbly Table” Is a downright gnarly journey from Lolo that heads farther west than most. Highly technical synthesis and effects are met with an uninhibited mind, a perfect picture of darkness and uncertainty is painted through strokes of all sorts of delays and modulation.

Sonic travels await within the sleeve, an impressive first output from Myriad has us eager for more.

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